About Strongfoto Headshots

Although I'm a finance professional, photography is a true passion for me. One item that connects the business and photography worlds is the professional headshot -- think LinkedIn. Your headshot photo is the first, and quite likely, most important component of your LinkedIn profile. As the saying goes, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." I take headshots that will optimize (that's a business buzz word) your online image. For a price lower than a decent haircut, I offer headshots that last well beyond a month or two -- a good return on your investment!

When you invest in yourself by booking a new headshot with me, here's what I will deliver:

  • A guarantee to keep shooting until you're happy and satisfied with the results
  • Instant capturing and viewing of your images on my PC. This means you won't have to squint at tiny images on the back of a camera. You'll be able to easily see which photos work best and get immediate visual feedback on your posture, positioning, etc.
  • Flattering continuous light. You won't have flashes going off in your face, causing you to blink. My lights create great catchlights (reflections) in your eyes. Catchlights are a hallmark of high quality portraiture.
  • A clean white background for seamless blending with your LinkedIn profile page
  • Realistic photo-editing including teeth whitening if desired, eyeglass lens flare reduction and blemish removal
  • Images delivered electronically via a personalized Dropbox folder. Usually same day or next.
  • A relaxed and fun photo session, because having your picture taken shouldn't feel like going to the dentist. It will be fun, I promise.
  • All the above for $100 -- the hundred dollar headshot!

Need more convincing? Here's an excerpt from an email I recently received from a satisfied client:

"Dear Jim, the results of our photo session are truly outstanding. Your extraordinary care and skill is very much appreciated."

Are you ready to make that investment in you? Get in touch via phone/text, email:

Phone: 651.245.7793

Email: Jim@strongfoto.com


Jim Strong