Headshot Backdrop Support for $13

I really went all out. I had to do something big. The metal stands and pole that I had been using to hold my 53-inch seamless white had to go. I needed the floor space in my garage to make room for our recently-acquired ping pong table.

My idea of big? 13 bucks at Menards, a regional home improvement store where they advertise you'll "save big money". And save I did -- those thirteen greenbacks funded some gourmet black licorice, cause Menards has food too!

What did my DIY kit include? Well, since you asked, let me list the items here:

  1. PVC tubing. 1" diameter and 5 feet in length
  2. 2 PVC T-s, 1" diameter
  3. 2 36-inch bungee cords
  4. PVC cement - never used
  5. Australian gourmet black licorice

The friction fit of the PVC tubing and tees was firm enough that I decided to abandon the idea of using PVC cement. As it turns out, this was a smart decision. I can easily remove the T-s to slip my roll of seamless over the tubing. My roll of seamless, unlike many found online, has no cardboard core.

So there you have it. Satisfy your backdrop support needs and sweet tooth at the same time for less than a takeout pizza.

My DIY ceiling-mount backdrop support shopping cart. Less than $13!

My finished work after about 10 minutes effort! The hooks shown were found in a drawer in my garage.