Remote Control Street Photography with the Fuji X100T

I've owned my Fuji X100T for a little over a year now and absolutely love it for its portability, stealthiness and image quality straight out of camera. But it wasn't until tonight while walking about Minneapolis' annual Art-A-Whirl festival did I think of using the remote shooting feature available via Fujifilm's Camera Remote app. My use of this app in the past has been limited only to using wi-fi to transfer images from my camera to my iPhone. I have to say, though, the remote shooting feature is really cool. For my use, I simply had my X100T sling-strapped around my neck and hanging chest high just in front of my right arm pit. I then rotated my body while watching the live view, adjusting aperture and exposure compensation with the app. The shutter release button is big and red, easy to find and press for the shot. Not that I really needed any more reasons to love my X100T, but I found one nonetheless. Highly recommended.

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